Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wolfie 2

Meet Wolfie

She's my son's cat and absolutely gorgeous (and a complete nutter), apart from a slight inclination to take your arm off if you try to pick her up!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Night Twist

Tied in shifting shades of lavender
are moon curves,
sizzle fingers search -
his , and hers, and his,
exposed -
the surrender of neck,
spinal arch a bridge
to tumbled clouds
where the thunder roars.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

so you want to write a poem

start with paper
fine as glaze of resin
on a violin

sit beneath the surface
at the flowing tap root
of a Rowan Tree

begin a dance
of pen and thought
over the pale wafer
till it resembles a soiled
ballerina gown

step and turn
pirouette, grande jette
joyous romp with
corp de ballet

write an image
etched in seventeen shades
of grey

wash a faint trace
of eggshell sky
with overtones of sunset
and the dying sun's
baleful eye

heroine stitched up
with herringbone
should writhe a little
and faintly scream

let the last line shaft
like the hornet's sting


there's nothing about butterflies here
just a scatter of poppy seeds
from green pods dip/swayed by the wind

tiger light arcs above
claws of grass

amidst mulberry shades of petal
washed away by the rain flurry

Sunday, August 15, 2010

lost at sea

what looks like a tiny red-laquered heart
has been cast off on the floor
and rolled under the couch
reflecting bars of amber light

this is where all the lost hearts are

in a lounge room far away
on a carefully vacuumed sea of carpet

Friday, August 13, 2010

Night Suns

unleash the beast
the squiggle bug

night strong
beneath silver sun

we are carnal
ego laden

massive in our

each body adheres
to its station

flesh stirred nation


I stir in the night
and wake freezing,
even under a mass
of covers.

The bear has crawled,
despite the glass needles
that thread his spine,
down the hall
to sit all night
in a chair because
he can't lie down.

NZWell has refused to pay
for his operation
as they claim it is a
'recurring injury'
even though they paid
the first time it happened.

So now he must wait,
another month at least
of dragging along with
broken glass piercing his back,
while NZWell, ACC, and the surgeon
slug it out as to who will pay.

And if none of them will -
fifteen thousand dollars
that neither of us has
is what it will cost.

I snuggle deeper,
not wanting to get out of my bed
and face the cold day.