Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fairy Tale

a fairy's heart burns with light,
fierce feathered spikes
luminate incandescent

the art of a fairy spins dreams
in a vortex of magic
pruned from the minds of children

a fairy will be free
and scatter along ribbons of air
to secret forest dells

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Lily Crown

Today you stand at an altar
and make vows you once made to me
with somebody else.

Your family, our kids,
and all our old friends
will be there.

I'm at work. Meeting, greeting,
clearing tables, same as any other day.

But around my head
I feel a slight pressure,
as though a wreath of white lilies
rested there.

Narrow Minds

You look at the world as though
it were a pinhole theatre,

the view of your mighty "I"
so narrow and confined.

How can the universe bloom for you
through such a constricted passage?

The pedestal of your point of view
is spare as the tip of a pin.

Like the man who couldn't fit
through the eye of a needle,

you will never see heaven.