Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Muse

'she's addicted to nicotine patches
she's afraid of the light in the dark'

wind me like clockwork
I can't stay alive
for your entertainment

how seriously can you take it?
does anyone notice?
all rapt in their own night
sliding up against walls of darkness
breathing water
trying to grow gills

how drowning it is

want to be buried in sound
the deep groaning noises
want the dragon, the bear, for my guide
but got the clown fish
his puffer lips

tight as a kite
fly against the blue joyous opening
seek release
buffet and grind the glass ceiling

god is closed for the long weekend

give your all
soul to the devil

for a guitar rift
that sets fire to the hearts and minds
sweet soliloquy
of tears


you're just another
son of a bitch
trying to claim ownership
trying to tell me what I should do
how I should live my life
thinking I give a shit
thinking your opinion
to anyone
take a look around buddy
everyone's just drinking their coffee
same as any other day

five past ten

I can sit here till five past ten
and talk to myself
about how destructive my behaviour is
how I should be able to say no
that life's about the choices you make
taking responsibility
god I bore myself
I agree
it's about choices
I can say no
and I will
I do
every morning
and every night
and all the spaces in between
but five past ten I know
I gonna do it again