Sunday, June 20, 2010


I've tucked a smile
into my face,
taken my brain
to reside at the rest home,
and expect to blend
with the vanilla people now.

Kindness has been
a distraction,
so I've removed the heart
that sets me apart.

If I cement my eyes,
and whittle down my thighs,
return the dream receipt -
I can pass.

Light of the Moon

I am the moon,
white blood light
through scratchings
of winter branches.

Rusted leaves lay
bole of trunk
and soul of twigs bare.

You might think them red,
you think of them
green and in bud
when spring comes,

but in the night
all colour withdraws
to shades of bone and ash
only I can gild with silver.

Friday, June 11, 2010


The whistler anatomical
is conical,
helter skelterish,
whistles with polish
and meandering
through melodic interchange.

How sweet, though birdlike.

She doesn't like birds -
the beakness of them,
fluttering mothness of wings.

How the tunes burst forth,
a conglomeration of feathers,
disgusting beak, aberrant claw.

Eye ever seeking worm,
and as it turns,
softness, trembling underhand.

Hunter/hunted, creator/destroyer
paradoxically juxtaposed.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Pond

She dwells in a millpond now,
views the world through
eyes of water,
of sky.

When she stands
mud seeps away from around her feet

She has always hidden
her attraction
to pools of darkness
where shadows gather,

it seems not to matter so much,
though she understands it less than ever.

Weather doesn't reach her here.

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Regret is a bitter cordial
in a bottomless gourd
where the sun dissolves.

I try to resist
however my lips cry
from thirst.

Doodly Doo

Her sister was a lesbian
who slept with a chef.
He was judged by Gordon Ramsey,
and came in second best.

Her hair was a mess,
her lipstick was curled,
her breasts were furled
and hung at half mast.

She came to stay
in my small country isle.
We sceneried houses
and swilled lots of gin
at the local Inn,
after that we stayed in.

She was always a bitch
with a hard to care tongue
and bushfire hair -
she slashed at my feelings
and brought them undone.

Though I loved her so much,
in the end, she went home.