Saturday, August 21, 2010

so you want to write a poem

start with paper
fine as glaze of resin
on a violin

sit beneath the surface
at the flowing tap root
of a Rowan Tree

begin a dance
of pen and thought
over the pale wafer
till it resembles a soiled
ballerina gown

step and turn
pirouette, grande jette
joyous romp with
corp de ballet

write an image
etched in seventeen shades
of grey

wash a faint trace
of eggshell sky
with overtones of sunset
and the dying sun's
baleful eye

heroine stitched up
with herringbone
should writhe a little
and faintly scream

let the last line shaft
like the hornet's sting


Blogger Chris Never said...

How astoundingly lyrical this is *beaming smile*, the words literally leap off the page with exuberance and a sense of joy, a little tongue in cheek near the end there did not go unnoticed, and the last lines are awesome !

Yes yes, more !!!!

4:44 PM  
Blogger burning moon said...

:) thanks. it was nice to write. when I write without thinking too much about it I always seem to end up rhyming.

2:35 AM  

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