Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the day after yesterday

I went to a poetry reading last night. I don't get to go often now because they hold them on Wednesday night and I work on Wednesdays. It was nice to go and listen to some poetry again, although I don't much like to listen to poetry. I prefer to read it to myself. When I listen to somebody read their poems I find it very hard to stay with the reading. My attention always wanders off in the middle of the poem, unless it's very short, and I lose the sense of the poem. I think a lot of the subtlety and nuance you find on the page is lost in a reading. Also I find other people's voices intrude over my own. Tsk tsk, lol.

But I quite like to go to the poetry group meetings just because it's nice to meet some people in my city who also write poems. Last night I got to hear one woman poet who I thought was really good and really enjoyed, and another who just blew my socks off! This almost never happens, but her poetry was just WOW! I felt jealous that I hadn't written her poem. It was awesome. Today I'm trying to think of ways to get to know her, or at least ways to read more of her words. Very cool. I haven't been this excited about poetry for ages.
I also found a book of poems last night that I'm positively lusting after and am determined to buy as soon as I can. It's a book by a NZ poet named Alistair Te Ariki Campbell:

OMG! STUNNING! Simply delicious words!


Blogger Chris Never said...

Who is the female poet and does she post anything on line I can read?

If she blew your socks off,
she must be damn fine

Always up for quality writing

6:39 PM  

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