Wednesday, January 31, 2007

melting gold

Once upon a moment
there was a sunset
dressed in all the vestaments
of evening come

She shimmered
when small children were gathered
into the arms of their mothers

She sighed
when the lovers leaned
into each other
and created a lone tree
on the horizon

She wept
when the rain came
loving the harmonies
she could create with tears
and life bringing moisture

This one particular late afternoon
as sunset was waking and preparing
to take place of day
a sound caught her attention

Curling around her feet
was a small spiggle
tail swishing this way and that

Sunset gathered the spiggle into
her arms and hugged it close
and as she did so
the spiggle was heard to whisper

I know where pure gold lies
would you follow me?

Sunset was moments away
and miles beyond
not to mention
days passed
so she threw caution to the wind
and caution was heard to complain
bitterly about such treament

and she put spiggle down
and followed it

Across the tattered remains of
the past they wandered
over the hills
under the hills
beneath the veils of the sun

until they came to a small hut

very similar to the one
sunset lived in

She tapped tentatively upon the door

and had to shield her eyes
as Sunrise appeared framed
in the opening
blazing morning
leaping from every part of him

A sillouette
in sunlight

Sunset opened her mouth
to apologise for the intrusion

But before the words could be spoken

He kissed her
touched her cheek
told her how he had always loved
the promise of night she brought

And the spiggle
danced and laughed
and leaped into the pure gold
of light they made together.

┬ęChris Never


Blogger Chris Never said...


I admit....

its spooky *laughing*

This is such a beautiful image,
put the poem with it if you like, I can clean it up a bit if you want, make it less off-the-cuff?

4:36 PM  
Blogger burning moon said...

excellent idea. cheers.

5:56 PM  

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