Friday, September 03, 2010

holy shit! 7.4 earthquake!

Huge earthquake in ChCh this morning. Felt like the house was jumping up and down! 7.4.
We have no water, but otherwise ok. Lots of damage citywide though. Bridges out, buildings collapsed etc. My dad says he thinks his house will be a write off. He has doors that won't open or shut and floor going up and down. His paths outside have disappeared.
My sister says there are cracks in the ground all around their house in Waikuku, and cracks all around the oval next door where sand has bubbled up through the soil.

I heard that Victoria Sq where my work is looks like a war zone! Who knows whether my workplace will still be there?
There are power outages, no water, gas leaks and petrol pumps popped out of the ground. No one killed though, just a lot of minor injuries.


Blogger Chris Never said...

I am so glad you and yours are ok, I was really worried when I heard about it this morning

Take care of yourself Moon, stay safe and be careful

Thank heaven no one has been killed.

talk soon

5:38 PM  
Blogger burning moon said...

It was very scary indeed. One of those moments when you wonder if your number's up.
I was braced in my bedroom doorway and actually having to hold on to the door frame to stop myself from being thrown out of it.
My workplace is in the central business district which is still in lock down at the moment. It's a very old building so I'm wondering how it fared, although we drove past yesterday and it looked ok from where we were.

All my friends and family are fine, although everyone's a bit edgy with all the after shocks that keep coming. Some of them have been quite big. I keep thinking my chair is moving!

For the most part though, everything is pretty good. Most places have power and water on again.

2:15 PM  
Blogger Chris Never said...

I really cant imagine what it would have been like, we have none of that hear, it is very stable

I am glad to hear the building for where you work seems to be ok, hopefully you will be able to return to work soon

The images of it show so much damage and devastation, and the repair bill is being quoted in the billions, it will take a long time to rebuild I suspect

Stay safe!! thats an order lol

5:29 PM  

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