Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Babies & Gardens

You have to have somewhere quiet
to leave the world –
It's the hardest thing

to share an idea,
reach understanding
with others.

I have a voice –
very small –
only heard in quiet places.

My mother would say, when the children cried,

I always used to take you into the garden when you cried.
The peace of the garden would calm you.

I tried it, and she was right.
I was so surprised.

The things I have to say are simple,
but they are everything –
a universe of stars –
and how we fill the spaces between them.

Resist - that TV/shoe/phone.
What do I need them for?
To breathe?
To eat?
To light the candle of my soul?

To fill the hole
Where God used to be?

Take your babies into the garden.
Share with them the summer’s eve –
the dark soil and how it cradles and feeds the seeds.
Show them that this is what sustains us.

This is where life begins,
what we need to feed our hunger -
what Nike iphone Apple 
can never replace.

I have a voice –
very small.

It needs a quiet place to share with you –
communicate –
try to understand –
we need the peace of the garden to hear.


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