Monday, July 25, 2011


she has a question
and a smooth arm
a kaleidoscope of faces
she is afraid to ask
brushstrokes make a racetrack
nose to brow
a deadman's curve

she has a black dress
and breasts
sometimes they disappear
leave only the brain cave
the mask
the strawberry mouth pout

the left eye
central sapphire gleam
is the point
of focus
the focus point
makes the question


Blogger Chris Never said...

Different for you , it has an edge to it, almost as if you were writing and the reader be damned or something, its really quite interesting the vibe I get from it.

Love huge slabs of it lol, my only suggestion might be about 'brain cave',doesn't quite work for me, but I am fussy as you know *grin*

Its really good writing though mate.

10:02 PM  
Blogger burning moon said...

this was a spur of the moment response to a painting. I put it up here to keep and come back too.

I'm so busy at the moment trying to get some sort of work for myself. I have no time for writing really, so anything I do is just a case of scribble it down and stash it for later.

Thanks for your thoughts on it. Much appreciated :)

3:11 PM  

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