Tuesday, April 12, 2011



That is what employers want -
to have you jump and say, 'how high'?

I have become a sponge
because there is no employment.

'Post It' lists of jobs applied for
flutter from my desktop.

I sit in my bowl and water, water -
liquid anemone,

small hands reached out
for sustenance.


The streets are roller coaster rides.
It would seem like fun, but is not.

We are sleeping in dust,
eating in dust, breathing in dust.

Rain brings it down on our heads,
washes it through our hair.

It rises from piles and settles on splinters,
and hills of rubble that rise like burial mounds

on ruined lots between silent streets,
where only the tinkle and graunch of masonry

sounds as it settles beneath the boots
of searchers and demolition workers.

Soldiers and armoured cars
block the way - every way -

and lock the city,
like sleeping beauty's castle -

clocks stopped, buildings
fallen to pieces.


My whole life I've waited
for the sky to topple upon me.

Turns out, I should've been looking
for the ground to fall out from under me.


Even yet,
the bay curves like a clam shell

while the sun spins - golden pearl
on the liquid lip of horizon.

Mist accumulated overnight begins to disappear
the same way it does every day,

like silk scarves in a magician's show.
The city rises out of it

full of possibilities.


Blogger Chris Never said...

I cannot really imagine the scale of the desolation you must be facing right now mate.

The dust brought to mind fears of asbestos dust in the air, has that been an issue or are the buildings pre asbestos madness? I hope so, it would be a small mercy.

Never look upon yourself as a sponge, how can you consider that when your job was torn down with the whole city?

You cannot, you have to eat, you need to pay the bills, you have been a useful member of your society for so long, time for your society to help you for a change when you are in dire need.

The hope of the last lines are what struck me most from this, it is definitely a publishing piece mate, truly.

4:20 PM  
Blogger burning moon said...

The earthquake caused a lot of what they call 'liquefaction', which is liquefied soil like very fine sand, that spews up out of the ground. There was tons and tons of it here. It engulfed houses and blocked streets. Because the earthquake also broke the sewage pipes the liquefaction is contaminated with sewage. As it dried out it blew everywhere. They've carted tons of it away, but it's still everywhere in the air. All the cars are coated with it.

As for the 'sponge' thing, there's a climate of 'benefit bashing' here in NZ which is very much encouraged, fed, and supported by the government. People are very judgemental and resentful of anyone who's on a benefit. Going to WINZ to apply for a benefit is a very unpleasant experience. I felt like a criminal and a bludger.

I'm applying for work anywhere and everywhere, but so are hundreds of other people who have lost jobs due to the earthquake. At 51, I'm not exactly top of an employers 'hot employees' list.

Still, hope for the best I guess.

7:47 PM  

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