Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The 26th Day

Shaun says it’s 26 days
till the end of the world.
He says so many others have
predicted the end of the world:
Nostradamus, millennium doomsayers,
aligning of the planets hopefuls,
and yesterday’s collider atom smasher,
300 feet below the surface,
with its black hole potential –
now I’m predicting my own, he says.

But he still went off to sit his exams,
and is making plans to move
to Auckland next year.

And maybe there is a small lacework
of black holes beginning
under all that dirt in Europe,
like a dirty little secret brewing,
a black tea, into which
we will all submerge and stew.

I wonder whether we’d know?
Would we get a newsflash
that Paris had been converted
to a negative?

Or would we all cascade inwards so fast
that it’ll end like the flick of the stop button
on a video remote?

I think I’ll pay my electric bill anyway,
so if there’s time I’ll get to watch it on TV.


Blogger Chris Never said...

We are all still here !!!!!

How mind numbingly brilliant and surprising is that?

It is astoundingly mind numbingly brilliant thats how lol

Those cheeky little boffins with there white lab coats and god complexes were just tricking when they said they might end the world

those naughty little muffins
such imps and scamps

I am alive

and therefore
let us be sure


*grins madly*

You capture that sense of repercussions unknown so well with this piece kid.

There just that subliminal element of fear, ticking away behind the eyes about this, Im glad they didnt destroy us, I have things to do lol.

4:48 PM  
Blogger burning moon said...

Actually I thought maybe the end was a bit flat, but the more I think about it, the more I really like the idea of us all sitting watching the end of the world happening on TV.
Forgetting to try and run away or save ourselves, so riveted by the drama unfolding on the screen.
Might incorporate that idea into the end of my novel even.

10:05 PM  

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