Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sale of a Birthright

Standing at Land's End,
the luminous ocean washes
frames of broken ships
and seagull feathers
against my feet.

There were people here once,
till they stepped off the edge
into the round tower of the castle
reflected beneath the white balustrade -
moved on to other places.

There are bones of giants,
legendary nephilim, half buried
in the silt. Their huge hands
hewn from stone, lost now
to the touch of man.

Were they hands of angels?
We search for them by candlelight
but all we find are negotiations
for real estate deals
scratched in the sand,

words we cannot read
through the silk folds
binding our eyes.


Blogger keros said...

Moon- I've come back to read this poem at least three times. Can you send me a line and give me some insight on it?
I can see a deeper meaning in it, and I feel stupid not "getting" it.

8:59 PM  
Blogger burning moon said...

it's about the end of the world, the passing of angels, the death of myths and legends. it's about people who are too blind to see the simple truth right in front of them. it's about how we sell our sense of wonder and imagination, our belief in magic, for cheap second rate deals that are washed away by the tides.
the nephilim were mentioned in the bible but it's disputed as to what they were. Some interpret the passage as meaning they were the sons of angels who came to earth and impregnated human women. they were supposed to have been giants and had many superhuman abilities.
I think if that's true it could have been the basis for a lot of the stories about gods and their amazing magic powers

3:15 AM  

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