Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lucky Numbers

59, 95
64, 96, 125 over

These are your numbers.
Your lines are wavy.
When you move,
they jump alarmingly.

I don't know
whether your numbers
are good or not.

They mean blood
and heart
are still moving
at least.

The lady
behind the curtain
next to me
has failed to pee
in a cup.
She wants a drink
so she can try again.

I don't want to hear her.
All I listen for
are the small beeps
that mark your numbers
as they change,
change again.


Blogger Chris Never said...

The parallels in our lives never cease to amaze me, I was in the emergency ward with one of my kids on the weekend, and here you are, writing about such things.

I am hoping, whoever it is, they are doing ok my friend?

The poem itself captures the essence of the experience perfectly

9:22 PM  
Blogger burning moon said...

wow, I put comments on all of these last night .... ? where did they go to?

I found this poem in a notebook in my bag. I must have written it when Dave had his stroke last year I think

12:46 PM  

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